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Have you been looking for a professional personal trainer in Miami, or have you tried several trainers without getting the desired result?

I am glad to welcome you to 786Fitness where your search stops!

Let’s Face The Fact!

Keeping fit and maintaining good nutrition benefits you in numerous ways. From improving your appearance to enhancing your body flexibility and mobility and several other health benefits of keeping fit. Medically and scientifically, keeping fit helps you tone up your muscle, improves cardiovascular health and general body immunity, relieves back pain, and enhances the burning of calories amongst others. However, many don’t reap these benefits because of their tight schedule and inability to visit the gym often.

What better way to gain these benefits than by working with a fitness trainer that understands your challenges and offers you bespoke fitness training services?

At 786Fitness, we give you a personalized fitness training and nutrition service tailored to your specific body fitness needs. We don’t work with the “whatever goes, whatever fits” mentality as we know how the human body works and understand everybody has different needs. This unique approach of personalizing our fitness training programs to our clients' needs has earned us an unwavering reputation amongst clients and fellow fitness trainers in Miami.

With our commitment and passion to what we do, and our ability to give our clients long lasting results, we’ve established and sealed our competency and authority status in the Miami fitness industry. Regardless of your tight schedule, you can use our fitness programs because they’re structured to fit your schedule.

Our primary focus is to help you achieve your fitness goals by leveraging our skilled expertise, equipment, and fitness programs. Our team has a wealth of experience in the latest and trending methods that can help you realize your fitness, nutrition, and health goals.

We provide fitness training for individuals in Miami and neighboring towns, and our specialty includes:

Personal Training

Buddy Training

Customized Meal Plans 

Assisted Stretching

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Online Coaching

We have all the expertise needed to complete all set fitness and nutrition goals within the target time, and we align our processes and decisions with our vision, which is to give you a fit and healthy body.


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