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Physical exercise an anti aging solution

Physical exercise is the best means today available for offsetting and preventing the situations of aging, improving health and wellbeing. It is key to differentiate between three different but inter-related concepts: physical activity, physical exercise, and physical fitness. Physical activity means any body movement produced by muscle action that increases energy expenditure. Exercise means to planned, structured, repetitive, and purposeful physical activity. Physical fitness is the capacity to perform physical exercise. Physical fitness makes reference to the full range of physical qualities, eg, aerobic capacity, strength, speed, agility, coordination, and flexibility. It can be thought of as an integrated measurement of all the functions (skeletomuscular, cardiorespiratory, hematocirculatory, psychoneurological, and endocrine-metabolic) and structures involved in the performance of physical activity or physical exercise or both. Thus, being physically fit implies that the response of these functions and structures will be up to date. A person cannot be more physically fit than that allowed by the function or structure in poorest condition in their body.

Anti-aging-related physical fitness includes those components of physical fitness associated more with aspects of good health and/or disease prevention

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