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Would you like to increase your lean mass?

Why should you take protein shakes after workout?

Are you a fitness freak who has made working out part and parcel of his everyday routine in order to enhance cardiovascular fitness, endurance and stamina, or are you a person who is trying to maintain a perfect physique by managing a desirable weight and follow a strict exercise routine to achieve your goals? In either of the cases above you may benefit only as long as your approach is prudent and you have adopted a smart nutrition plan along with a smart workout plan, without any of these two you can never meet your goals. Did you know that immediatley following intense workout your body moves into a cycle of breakdown or catabolism, which is not good for your bodys health at all, this happens when your body needs energy and it derives it from your own body/muscle mass, so in order to switch this process of breakdown to the process of build-up or anabolism you need to take in an adequate amount of proteins, and the best way is by drinking a protein shake immediately after your workout.

Why am I telling you this?

Well in order to rebuild your lost strength Herbalife has formulated a unique product, the one of particular interest to you is my Rebuild Strength by Herbalife 24 line, as this shake has 24 grams of protein inside to provide nourishment to your muscles and the l glutamine component to help repair the fatigued post workout muscles. These are the amazing features which make Herbalife's Rebuild Strength a perfect post workout protein enriched shake. In addition to that if you are a hard gainer you should use Rebuild Endurance after intense activity to protect the muscle from the cannibalism or catabolism process that follow as it contains about 27 grams of carbohydrates and branched-chain amino acids that are used to build up the muscles in this way keep you from losing extra weight.

Where to buy these products from?

The answer is pretty simple, you can simply purchase these products and other such amazing products from my official website

Three Day Trial Package

Moreover you can also apply online for my three day trial package which subsumes : Formula 1 Healthy Meal Mix, which makes a healthy, yummy and balanced meal fast and easy to prepare. The best part is that it is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals thus making quite delectable weight management shakes. It also includes Total Control, are tablets that have a proprietary blend of tea extracts and caffeine designed to rapidly boost the metabolism, thus producing the following effects: An energetic and alert feel, metabolism boost up, and imparts an energetic sensation.

3 Days Supply Included of both in the package, the most attractive feature of this trial package is the amazing bonus offers you can avail with it i.e. Free wellness assessment, Free Meal Plans, Delicious Healthy Recipes, Free fit camp, Free online coaching and also Free Accountability and Support Group.

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