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Does Lifting Weights Make Woman Bulk

You've probably heard this "advice" before, ladies: When it comes to your gym routine, stick to cardio. Lifting real weights could leave you looking like Wolverine! After all, if you stray from "girly" exercises--you know, yoga, pilates, spin class--you just might turn into a man. I'm here to tell you it's impossible to turn a woman into she Hulk.

Because woman have lower levels of testosterone (which build muscle mass) than men, it's harder for ladies to build muscle tissue in the first place.

However, there are several good reasons for woman to pump iron instead of run on a treadmill, whether the goal is better-fitting pants or better long term health.

First doing to much cardio can cause you to burn muscle not fat. Weight lifting on the other hand, burns calories more efficiently. A study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that woman who weight-trained burned an average of 100 more calories 24 hours after their training session ended, even if they were just parked on the couch. In fact, the only thing you'll gain by lifting weights is a few clean, defined lines(think: Michelle Obama's arms).

There are other long term benefits as well. Research has shown that weight training prevents bone loss and osteoporosis-related fracture and woman who lifted for a year actually saw significant increase in the bone density in their spine and hips,

But word to the wise if your new to lifting reach out to a personal trainer like Alberto Gonzalez for a free wellness assessment before you beast mode the gym.

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