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786Fitness is a result-oriented personal fitness training provider in Miami. We understand the complexities and challenges clients face when it comes to fitness training and weight loss, and we tailor our services to provide results while solving those challenges. We offer personalized training services, which involve assessing your unique needs and proffering bespoke solutions that work.


Alberto Gonzalez is an experienced personal trainer and health coach with over 16 years of experience. 


His philosophy is setting realistic wellness goals that can be attained effectively with nutrition and fitness. 


Mr. Gonzalez frequently updates his knowledge of sports medicine and latest nutrition trends. 


I am Alberto Gonzalez, a fitness trainer with Cuban and Colombian origin, and the founder of 786Fitness.

They say experience is the best teacher, and every day that passes, that fact is strengthened on my mind.

It all started 17 years ago in Miami after my mom had a stroke, and I experienced everything she passed through. I vowed to do my best to stop people from passing through the same fate. I realized that healthy living could be improved and maintained by proper nutrition and good exercise. The experience birthed in me the passion for helping people get fit and live their best life. In a bid to achieve this, I started my personal training service.

Currently, I’m an experienced personal trainer, and health coach with 16 years of experience, and my philosophy is setting realistic wellness goals that can be attained effectively with nutrition and fitness. I keep myself updated with knowledge of sports medicine and the latest nutrition trends to ensure I achieve this aim of giving as many people as I can good health and fitness. I’m one of Miami’s top personal trainers, and I’ve worked with numerous elite classes, giving them the best fitness training in Miami.


Our mission at 786Fitness is to provide the most helpful weight loss and healthy nutrition programs. We aim to meet all our clients' needs through our flexible and well-structured plans. We desire to contribute towards long-lasting weight loss and nutrition habits that enhance healthy living among our clients. We offer different fitness and health programs, including personal training, buddy system, assisted stretching, online training etc.


Our fitness and nutrition programs are available for interested people who are just starting the workout process and for those that have been working out for some time.

At 786 Fitness, we help you get in shape and stay fit!

We let our clients and their results do the talking, so kindly check our testimonials to see what some of our clients had to say.

Feel Free To Contact Us For Inquiries & Recommendations.

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