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Meal Planning That will Help you Lose your Weight

Losing weight doesn’t really have to be painful. If you know what to eat and how to eat that will rev up your metabolism and cut down your calorie intake, you will lose your weight even without starving yourself or punishing yourself in the gym or without taking any of those harmful steroid that will damage your kidney, liver or your gut.

There are enough examples of people around who have successfully put down their weight and have managed to keep it off. If you have tried and failed before and believe diets don’t work for you, maybe you are missing something. Managing weight successfully comes down to a simple equation. If you eat more calories than you burn, you will put up weight. But if you eat less calories than you burn, you will lose weight. Yes, you will lose weight even if you don’t work out.

Eat less food (calories) than you burn (for example fasting or eating less) = weight loss

Extreme diet may promise rapid result, but they will more likely leave you feeling cranky and starving. Is it worth achieving something by inflicting pain upon yourself?

Interestingly your body doesn’t treat calories the same from different sources. So for example 100 calories from corn syrup will have different effect on your body than 100 calories from eating broccoli. That means you can make the above equation even more powerful by ditching the foods that are packed with calories but don’t make you feel full. Instead re-work your meal plan to include foods that fill you up but are not loaded with calories, for example vegetables and fruits. That means now you can eat as much as you like but still lose your weight. Following this formula the equation should now look like this:

Highly nutritious, low calorie foods = weight loss

I have kept work out as optional in this article to make a point. But yes, if you also workout that helps you burn calories, you will lose weight even more easily. Taking workout into account, equation would look something like this.

Highly nutritious, low calorie foods + workout = rapid weight loss

Suggested meal plan for weight loss

  • Morning - 1 green vegetable shake + oatmeal snacks

  • Afternoon lunch – 1 meal comprising of good portion of vegetables, protein (lentil soup or chicken breast)

  • Evening snacks - 1 fruits and vegetable mix shake

  • Dinner – Chicken soup, 1 cup brown rice, salads

I am sure you must be thinking, in an eat-and-run kind of lifestyle, who has really got time to prepare shakes. Well, with Herbalife shakes, you don’t have that excuse. It is as easy as dissolving two to three spoons of Herbalife shakes in a glass of water and drinking. Moreover Herbalife shakes come packed with 21 vitamins and minerals and essential nutrients, to ensure you meet your daily nutritional needs even while you lose your weight. And did I forget to tell you that Herbalife shakes deliver you only 140 calories when mixed with water.


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