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How to Get Fit Post Covid-19

The world received a massive shock when coronavirus was declared a worldwide pandemic bringing havoc and fear in people’s life. Many have lost their lives and many have seen death from the front foot.

Now, it’s been more than a year and everyone has made their peace with it that from now they have to live with it for heaven knows how long.

Just like COVID-19 has evolved with its different variants making appearances, science and medicine are also striking just as hard to prevent its fatality. Thankfully, effective vaccines have been introduced for its prevention.

If you are a COVID-19 survivor and have successfully tested negative, then it’s a given that corona has made a significant effect on your health. Here are some of the ways that can help you get your fitness back and improve your immune system.

Breathing Meditation:

When tested positive with COVID-19, the organs that take the biggest hit are your lungs and respiratory system and cause breathing issues.

Once the symptoms are gone, only then start the breathing exercises. It might take a lot more effort than normal breathing as your diaphragm functionality has been compromised. Start with deep slow breathing exercises without overdoing them or stressing yourself in the process.

Eventually develop a pattern like lying on your back or stomach, sitting and standing, and try breathing through your nose. This will significantly improve your sleep, relieve stress and anxiety, and will recover your normal breathing ability rather quicker.

Nutrition and Fluid Intake:

One thing that can prove extremely beneficial in your post corona recovery is keeping the body full of nutrients and hydrated. With illness comes the loss of appetite which causes more fatigue to the body and prolongs the recovery.

Make sure you take approximately 3 liters of fluid a day, a lot of water, and drinks that contain electrolytes whereas completely avoid caffeine and alcohol intake, a broth or soup can also prove comforting.

Make fruits and vegetables that have vitamins A, C, D, E and are enriched with proteins a big part of your meal. It’s very important to maintain a healthy diet to recover the body’s metabolism to fight the virus inside and improve the immune system.

Physical Exercises:

Getting back to routine after corona can be difficult since your body becomes fragile and weak. It is essential that we don’t let our physical weakness take over which affects the mental health too and we feel lazy and depressed.

Working out and exercising can be very helpful to get your energy back. Start with easy exercise that doesn’t involve much muscle work as it can cause more stress.

Small walks and yoga can be an excellent way to start to bring your body back in action, followed by gentle Pilates. And with each passing day as you gain back your strength, increase the level of exercises accordingly.

Blood Donation:

Your immunity system produces antibodies in the blood that help fight the virus. Once you have recovered successfully from COVID-19, make sure to donate blood for other people who are battling to defeat this virus.

The human body is a combination of your physical and mental wellbeing, one acts according to the other. Dreading for your life each second as the virus corrupts your body, that fear impacts your mental health too. Help others and it surely will bring mental peace and satisfaction that will improve your health.

And what’s the point of living if not feeling other’s pain and helping in their difficulties?

Course of Isolation:

Once the symptoms start varying off it doesn’t mean that the virus is gone and you have recovered. It is mandatory to complete the full course of isolation for 15 days and getting tested until proven negative.

Living in isolation is a hard thing, abandoning your social life is even harder but it isn’t above your or anyone else’s life. Make sure to follow all the SOPs and protocols when you go in public, maintain distance, wear, ask and avoid bodily contact, and going to crowded places until fully recovered.

Follow these simple steps to regain your fitness once you have defeated COVID-19. These steps will not only help you recover faster but some of these will be a major help to others fighting the deadly virus.


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