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Boosting Immunity and Health During COVID-19

2020 has been completely unpredicted. As COVID-19 has turned into a pandemic, the world is declared to be in a state of emergency. Without a vaccine, the arrival of the novel coronavirus has meant people today depend solely upon their health and immunity to be their saviors.

However, how does one prepare their body to fight against a virus never seen before? The answer lies in strengthening our personal defense mechanism; the immune system.

Follow the 3 Must-Do’s below:

#1. Eat Well

Your diet matters immensely in maintaining fitness and health. The first thing you should do now is to ditch the loads of junk food you consumed while bingeing shows on Netflix and switch to healthier options.

Add antioxidants to your diet. They help in cell repair and maintenance, including White Blood Cells (WBCs) that are an important element of our immune system. Thus, helping prevent and fight against many infections and diseases.

Foods to Have:

Strawberries Leafy Greens

Tomatoes Carrots

Have Yogurt. Whether you jump on the currently trending Greek Yogurt bandwagon or love your yogurt simple and easy with a bit of honey – Yogurt works wonders for your health and immunity. With Calcium, Protein, and Vitamin D, adding Yogurt to our diet is exactly what we need in such times.

Switch to Poultry: Consumption of meats filled with bad cholesterol and fats is not only detrimental for health in many aspects, but also aggravates the condition of those with chronic diseases, while also aiding weight gain. Therefore, a healthier way to up levels of Protein, Vitamin B6, and many other healthy nutrients is via poultry. Have a bowl of steaming Chicken broth for lunch or snack on Turkey sandwiches – the sky is the limit to the number of delicious dishes you can put up with Poultry.

Binge on Almonds: If you still desire something to snack on while watching your favorite shows this quarantine season, Almonds come to the rescue. Filled with Vitamin E, good fats, and low calories – almonds are the perfect snack to munch on while promoting immunity.

#2. Drink Up

While food is immensely important to fulfill your body’s required nutrients, drinks have also proven to be good in the game.

What does our body need to remain fit and healthy?

  • Vitamin C: Strengthens the immune system by overseeing the repair and growth of tissues.

  • Vitamin A: Boosts immunity, bone health, as well as offering protection against diseases like Cancer.

  • Vitamin D: Conventionally known for promoting teeth and bone help, another important benefit of Vitamin D is its assistance in fighting against diseases.

  • Iron: The energy-giver, having the right amount of Iron in our body is key to being active and fit.

  • Calcium: Going beyond bones, Calcium assists in the functions of the heart and nerves – a must-have mineral for the body.

  • Protein: The role of Protein in the maintenance and repair of tissues and overall health has always been commendable. Therefore, making it an important part of our diet.

  • Etc.

With so many vitamins and minerals (and counting!), the mind remains baffled to what can be eaten or drunk to bring all these nutrients and their benefits to the body in such troublesome times. Luckily, courtesy of Herbalife shakes, our life is made easier.

Containing about 21 essential vitamins and minerals, the Formula 21 Shake Mix by Herbalife is a dream come true for every fitness freak.

With all these and numerous other nutrients, along with 0 cholesterol and trans-fat, these shakes are great fitness and immunity-booster, as well as a great weight loss companion too. If you want to lose weight while being on a healthy diet, the healthy shakes by Herbalife are your best friend during this lockdown and quarantine period.

Find them in numerous flavors ranging from the delicious Pralines and Cream to Mint Chocolate, Wild Berry, and many more!

#3. Exercise

Although gyms might be closed in many areas, exercising COVID-19 times is essential for maintaining health and fitness. If you are fond of exercising, begin pursuing it at home too. From squats to pushups – there are many exercise options to opt for.

On the other hand, if you are not used to exercising; this is certainly the time to start. Begin your exercising routine by going for a walk. Not only does exercise help in enhancing immune cell regeneration, but also helps put up a great fight against respiratory diseases. Since the novel coronavirus is a respiratory disease – exercising is a must for prevention.

Final Words:

Follow these simple 3 steps and boost your health and immunity. With rising fitness and immunity levels, certainly stand more than a fighting chance in the battle against the novel coronavirus.

Please contact Alberto Gonzalez for your free wellness assessment at 786-370-0318.


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