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At Home Exercises & Herbalife – The Best Combo

The arrival of COVID-19 has forced us to stay indoors. While we may have been socialites who never stayed at home earlier – now, we have no other option.

If you also reside in one of the areas under a lockdown or have to pursue work-from-home or a study-from-home routine, it can become exhausting. Surprising, how staying at home is tiring – isn’t it?

In such times, the body hopes for some activity. Thankfully, the pandemic certainly doesn’t mean we compromise on our health or fitness while following precautions.

The gyms may be closed for the time being. But we can pair great and easy at-home exercises with fitness-friendly Herbalife products for a wonderful combo bound to work wonders for our body.

Let’s have a look at how we can maintain our fitness:

#1. Boost Your Spirits with Protein Bars

As individuals who love eating – food is what puts us in the mood for any activity. However, before working out, eating heavy is not advised.

What do we do then, to raise our spirits and energy levels for a good workout session?

Have a Herbalife Protein Bar Deluxe. A delicious snack with 10g of protein and 140 calories per serving, it is covered with chocolate – and who can say no to chocolate?

Having a protein bar satisfies your hunger, giving you just the right amount of energy to begin exercise at home for building muscle mass, and maintaining weight goals.

#2. Beginner’s Floor Pushup

The popular exercise, the floor pushup is always one of the top suggestions for a beginner to working out. It is not only easy to do at home, but also vastly beneficial; working the shoulders and building strength.

  • Begin by laying on the floor with your palms flat, and your legs stretched and unbent behind you.

  • Exert force upon your palms to lift yourselves from the floor – as high as your hands permit – and bring your feet to tiptoe yet aligned with the floor.

  • Keep your body stretched and unbent.

  • Hold your position for a few seconds, and repeat.

#3. The Classic Forward-Lunge

If you want to improve your posture, the forward-lunge is the way to go.

  • Stand straight and with your feet apart.

  • Bend and bring the right leg forward, while allowing the left knee to touch the floor – forming a 90° between both legs.

  • Hold your position for a few seconds.

  • Return to the initial position and repeat.

#4. Have the H³O® Fitness Drink

If you get thirsty between exercises – you are not alone. Working out usually drains energy levels and can cause dehydration if liquids aren’t consumed. With the Herbalife H³O® Fitness Drink, we don’t have to fear that as the drink provides immediate hydration and a pick-me-up to boost energy levels.

While the electrolytes in the drink restore the electrolytes lost via sweat, the carbohydrates in the drink give instant energy paired with Vitamin C and E.

#5. Simple Home Chores

Another great way to exercise at home is by adding energized movements to regular household chores.

Scrub a little harder, move about a bit while vacuuming the floor, or take the stairs in quick movements – all of these are forms of great exercises.


For a journey of fitness and wellness, going to the gym isn’t the only option. Pair Herbalife products with a good diet and exercise plan – and you are certainly good to go.

If you are confused about the products to use and meal plan to pursue – Contact 'Alberto Gonzalez' for a free wellness assessment at 786-370-0318.

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